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Meaningful Assessments

Assessments are important benchmarks in education. Whether via summative or formative, assessments give you data that you can build on. However, not all assessments are equal – generating meaningful assessments is paramount to understanding your student's growth.

Engaging Lessons

Modern times call for modern lessons. Our solutions provide exemplary lesson options that can make teaching more efficient, effective and fun. We do the heavy lifting while providing state-appropriate content for your educators to create lessons that will challenge and change the same-old.

Powerful Curriculum

Producing curriculum that positively impacts all students is a feat for both small and large districts alike. We provide curriculum, content and management tools that are continuously updated to conform to state standards.

Effective Educators

Research shows that effective educators not only help students feel good about learning but also motivates their desire to learn. We support educators through technology and professional services to improve instruction and the effectiveness of teachers.

Successful Interventions

Identifying at-risk students early is very important to their success in school. Having solutions that cover varying touch points like attendance, misconduct, assessments, and grades helps give you the full picture of each student which empowers you to help identify roads to achievement.

Safe Learning Environments

We help you create safe learning environments to allow students to have confidence to learn. We help identify and monitor things like early warning and behavior health. Safe learning environments allow students to clearly focus on their education, helps with positive teacher and peer relationships which can result in student achievement.

Parent and Community Collaboration

The term ‘it takes a village’ is certainly true when it comes to student success. We know educators can’t do it alone. We provide tools that bring clarity to what is happening in school to the home so that continued support can occur in both locations.

Insightful Data Analytics

Data is likely the most important tool in your arsenal. It provides teachers and administrators with essential information. However, without a proper warehouse, data can quickly get chaotic and critical details can get lost in the shuffle resulting in insufficient reporting. Our solutions provide data analytics in user-friendly, efficient formats for effective use.

How are we increasing Student Achievement & Learning?

Harris Education Solutions believes in creating intuitive education technology solutions that drive student achievement forward while providing insightful data for key decision making in and out of the classroom. 

Our solutions are aligned to these eight pillars which we believe are essential in driving student learning and growth.